Welcome Back! Or if it is the first time you’ve landed on my blog, let me introduce myself, i’m a fighter newbie, actually a contact sport newbie full stop, i’ve never been hit (Thank god for good schooling) I have never thrown a punch or ever really wanted too (except that one time in the que at Disney land, ironically in the que for ‘it’s a small world’ which for anyone who doesn’t know is the happiest ride in the park, it has singing dolls! Anyway another blog for another day!)

Back to business, in a moment of sheer madness I signed up for the Blood Fitness White Collar Event which will be held on June 17th 2017 and being a bit of a part-time blogger (and still in that crazy, mad phase) I offered to chronical my journey, with 100% honesty, so to save myself from any further embarrasement for now you can just call me Muay Thai Girl.

This is not going to be a long blog… I hate shadow boxing! I am not even going to pretend that I hate it any less than I do. Shadow boxing has become a regular feature in our Wednesday night sessions and honestly, I think I would prefer to get hit.

Why do I hate shadow boxing so much? Because I am bad at it. Terrible in fact. I feel self-conscious, unbalanced, out of my depth. I have no idea what combos to throw yet, I am used to my trainer telling me what to do and when left to my own devices I am clearly unprepared!

This would suggest I am a reactive fighter, responding to my opponent’s move’s instead of taking control. This is not a good thing I don’t think.

Shadow boxing is deep rooted in all types of Martial Arts training, designed to provide a platform for you to not only warm up but to practice specific moves and techniques, to understand how these techniques feel in their true form without the impact of external forces, to visualise.

Yet, even knowing all this I do not feel any better about shadow boxing. I shut my eyes and try to concentrate. This is bad, I should have my eyes open, having them shut helps me to think about what to do. I try to let it flow, it doesn’t. I do not vow to get good at Shadow boxing and hope this will come naturally over time. I doubt it though and instead start to hatch a pln to hide behind the curtain in the gym anytime shadow boxing is mentioned…