Ok Y’all if you haven’t come across this amazing blog ‘The Queen’s Courtroom’ yet, then I feel like I am doing a real human service by introducing you.

A big shout out to our girl Daviá Bennett who is not only giving us some real internet worthy content, unfiltered, unbiased and totally relatable but has just published her latest blog ‘I went on a Muay Thai Training retreat’ it’s engaging, it’s honest and it’s all about US!

If you’re on the fence about joining our next retreat, read this. If you’re already booked onto our next retreat (Yassssss) read this anyway… Not interested in a Thai training retreat? (who wouldn’t be? But ok…) read the blog as there will be something for everyone.

Don’t delay, you can find the amazing Davia and her latest blog featured above at The Queen’s Courtroom