Let’s begin by explaining why pre-workout stretching is crucial! 

Warming up your muscles helps prevent injury, pain and strains. It will also increase the success of your gym experience, body form and workouts.

Dynamic stretching is the one you want to focus on for your pre-workout stretches. These types of movements allow your muscles and joints to work to their full motion potential. You want to increase muscle temperature and reduce stiffness. 

Here are our top pre-workout stretches to perform before each gym session: 

  1. Bodyweight Squats 
  2. High knees 
  3. Leg Swings (swing your legs back and forth in front of you)
  4. Bodyweight Lunges
  5. Plank walkouts (start from a standing position and walk out to plank)
  6. Arm Circles (rotate your arms and shoulders back and forth)
  7. Standing Toe Taps (swing your legs out in front of you so they’re parallel with the ground)
  8. Jumping Jacks (also known as star jumps)
  9. Butt Kicks (jog on the spot and flick your heels up to your bum)
  10. Hip circles (imagine you’ve got an invisible hula-hoop)


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