So this blog is actually being posted a bit late, mostly owing to the fact that the Internet at our hotel was shocking but hey what can you expect from free Wi-Fi.

Our first few day’s have flown by and after a few initial group adjustments everyone has fallen into comfortable routine that provides a real mix of training, eating, drinking, sunbathing, sleeping, and repeating.

The journey over was fairly painless with quick transfers which left the perfect amount of time for a quick toilet break and beer before jumping on to the next plane.

It’s hot when we arrive, in our trackies from travel, jumpers dismissed and stuffed into our bags (not to see the light of day again until we hit Jersey on our return I might add). MB sorts our taxi’s and you can hear general rumblings of a desire to get to the hotel and settle. Jet lag doesn’t seem to be too much of an issue for me or the group as a whole and it feels very much like the midday that it is.

I think the first thing that strikes me about this place, aside from the beauty of it, is how relaxed everyone is, there is no rush, everyone meanders around, food is served when its ready, it doesn’t matter if everyone else has finished their dinner, yours will come when it’s done… arriving with a smile.

Our first night was a real testament to this, as a 16 strong crowd we head to one of the local places for dinner. Our first group dinner is a blast, our crew was a real mix of ‘old’ (that is old as in known not old in age) faces and some new faces we were yet to get to know, we all settle easily and you wouldn’t know half of us only just met each other as we bond over curry, beer and for some Shark…

This dinner set the tone for the next two weeks, group dinners were a regular occurrence every few days giving us all the comfort of our base group.