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Michael Blood
Michael BloodPersonal Trainer - Director
It’s safe to say that I live and breathe the sport of Muay Thai. I have earned a reputation through pure commitment at both national and world stage, fighting my way through the ranks to become a British champion and competing against world champions in the sport.
Przemek Stachura (Shemmy)
Przemek Stachura (Shemmy)Personal Trainer
As a personal trainer I am driven to helping my clients realise their own unique potential, empowering each client through the bespoke planning of both gym-based sessions and Muay Thai sessions, appropriate to the experience level and individual needs of each client.
Angel Elliot
Angel ElliotPersonal Trainer
I have more than nine years of experience, working with clients of all ages and levels of fitness. I am very passionate about helping my clients become healthier, stronger and more confident.
Ben Reid
Ben ReidPersonal Trainer
Start now, sometimes later turns into never. I am a fully qualified YMCA personal trainer and offer Thai boxing coaching, strength training and circuit training. I love sharing my knowledge and techniques with all my clients from beginners to advanced Thai boxers.
Victoria Smith
Victoria SmithPersonal Trainer
Fitness has always been a passion of mine, and it seemed only natural to become a personal trainer, so that I can share my love of exercise, and Muay Thai with others. I have completed both locally and in the UK, and have trained alongside some of the best in the world.
Matty, McGhee
Matty, McGheePersonal Trainer
Matty is a personal trainer at Blood Fitness. His profile details are coming soon…
Michael Skowan
Michael SkowanMMA Coach
Michael is a personal trainer at Blood Fitness. His profile details are coming soon…
Nathan Bizouarn
Nathan BizouarnPersonal Trainer
Nathan is a personal trainer at Blood Fitness. His profile details are coming soon…
Caroline Edis
Caroline EdisPersonal Trainer
I’ve been a personal trainer for over ten years, mostly in London. I hold a Level 3 qualification and specialise in fitness for perimenopausal and menopausal stages, prenatal/postnatal training, fat loss nutrition, posture, back pain, and yoga. I excel in improving back pain, mobility, strength, and fitness. I also have two years of osteopathy experience. Consistency is essential for achieving fitness goals!


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