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Michael started training in 2000 when he accompanied a friend to a Thai boxing class, little did he know at the time it would become such an important part of his life. Fast forward 17 years and Michael has an impressive résumé, having had over 20 professional fights in total. Michael’s former trainer, Rob Mitchell, said he “knew that (Michael) was going to be something special after his first fight in 2005, as he is such an exciting fighter to watch”.

But it wasn’t always an easy path for Michael who nearly didn’t make it to the ring for his first fight, faced with such a massive crowd the nerves set in. Michael recalls “In the first round, I was so eager I was jumping all over the place. My opponent took full advantage and ended up pushing me over the rope and out of the ring!! At the end of the round, Rob sat me down and told me ‘calm down’.” Michael took on the advice and composed himself, resulting in him winning his first fight by technical knockout in the third round. Michael said the feeling of winning that first fight was like no other and he “kissed the trophy as if (he’d) won the World Cup”. There was no turning back then and Michael went on to fight all over Thailand, the UK and Jersey; earning himself a reputation as a quality (but sometimes lethal) fighter and the nickname: Michael ‘Bad Boy’ Blood.

According to Rob, “Michael fought anyone and everyone in his weight division, including great up-and-comer Leko Wright, Brad Stanton and Sam Omomogbe, and has been in the ring with some of the best the UK has had to offer. He’s beaten British champions Dave Copestake, Danny Kendrick and, of course, Steve Young by stoppage, demonstrating his remarkable skill in the ring”.

Michael’s impressive achievements include very close fights for a world title with 2x world champion Tim Thomas, a European title with world champion Liam Robinson and a British title fight with Thomas McCormack. Michael has always been humble in both victory and defeat and is modest about his many great achievements despite the vast array of trophies that decorate his home.

In 2015, Michael decided to step outside the ring and open Blood Fitness, using his experience, knowledge and passion to help others to achieve their goals. He is a fully qualified personal trainer and a very patient (and happy) teacher.



Had my 1:1 session with Michael and loved it! He focused on correct technique, power shots and strength as well as giving me a good workout. Highly recommend you get booked in with him - Shannon

Sparring with the shemdog, such a great pro, so much fun, yet as tough or brutal as u wanna it to be, or just nice and slow for technique or fitness, love it....treadmill or Muay Thai - Al Spencer

I have always been reluctant to have a personal trainer, but after joining Blood Fitness I have realised its one of the best ways to get fit, toned and have fun all at the same time. Don't be put off by thinking it's only for those who want to become pro Thai boxers.
When my friends ask me about gyms/places to recommend, I never hesitate in telling them about Blood Fitness -



We welcome all levels at Blood Fitness, simply book in on the app or drop in and say hi. We're a friendly bunch who love to meet new people!



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