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Privacy Policy

Blood Fitness are committed to protecting the privacy of our clients, and all visitors and our Privacy Policy is designed to help you understand how personal information is collected, used and safeguarded. 

Blood Fitness Limited are registered in Jersey. We are a provider of fitness services including private sessions, group classes, Blood Fitness events, sometimes including off Island Travel. 

We can be contacted via our website by email or by telephone 07797755268 or by post at: 

Queen’s Hall Balcony, Fort Regent, St Helier, St Helier, Jersey, JE2 4UX


Data controller 

The Data Controller, Blood Fitness Limited registered on the Data Protection Register with the Office of the Information Commissioner in Jersey. 

Should you have any queries or complaints or have any data protection concerns about our website or services, in the first instance, please contact us and we will do our very best to answer your questions or resolve any problems. 

Our Data Protection Officer is Michael Blood and he can be contacted on

How personal information is collected, used and safeguarded 

We collect data from clients in person, by telephone and electronically. This data s collected purely for the purposes of providing our services to you, to allow you access to our booking system and to comply with Health and Safety procedures and legislation. We need your personal details including your full name, email address, telephone numbers, and your residential status. We will also ask you about your medical background, any fitness related problems you may have or have had and your general health, we will use this information only for the purpose of being able to provide a safe, effective and low risk training environment commensurate to your individual needs. We will not share this information with any 3rd parties without your consent.

The data collected on clients is restricted to that necessary for Health and Fitness purposes and to ensure compliance with the law. 

You are under no obligation to provide the information that we ask for, however access to our services may be restricted if the information is not provided. This is for your own safety.

We comply with the Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2018 (incorporating the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)).

(Please see below our policy on cookies). 

Retention of data 

If you register with Blood Fitness, you may at any time tell us to remove some or all of the personal data held by us on you. Under the terms of the GDPR, we must hold personal data for no longer than necessary. We treat our clients as individuals and therefore hold and delete a client’s personal data in accordance with their wishes. 

Any Client on our Mindbody booking system that has not been active for 12 months or more will have their account information deleted. Should they wish to access our services again they will need to set up a new account.

Additional rights 

Under the GDPR, individuals have rights in relation to data held on them: 

  • The right to be informed 

  • The right of access 

  • The right to rectification 

  • The right to restrict processing 

  • The right to data portability 

  • The right to object 

  • Rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling 

For further information on the GDPR, please refer to the website of the Office of the Information Commissioner 

Transfer of data outside of the European Economic Area 

Although we work predominantly with clients and gyms based in Jersey, we do occasionally work or have relationships that may be based overseas. By signing up with Blood Fitness, you consent to the disclosure of data outside the European Economic Area where necessary. 


You will be deemed to have accepted Blood Fitness’s policies on the use of your data as set out in our Policy Statement, if you access our services, signup via Mindbody or use our website to contact us.  

Changes to privacy policy 

We will update this document to reflect any changes made to our Privacy Policy. This policy is effective from 24 May 2018. 

Links to websites 

Websites linked to and from our website are not covered by our Privacy Policy. We accept no responsibility for websites not under our control. 


Our website use cookies. Cookies are text files that are stored in a computer system via an Internet browser. 

Many Internet sites and servers use cookies. Many cookies contain a so-called cookie ID. A cookie ID is a unique identifier of the cookie. It consists of a character string through which Internet pages and servers can be assigned to the specific Internet browser in which the cookie was stored. This allows visited Internet sites and servers to differentiate the individual browser of the data subject from other Internet browsers that contain other cookies. A specific Internet browser can be recognized and identified using the unique cookie ID. 

Through the use of cookies, we can provide the users of this website with more user-friendly services that would not be possible without the cookie setting. 

By means of a cookie, the information and offers on our website can be optimised with the user in mind. Cookies allow us, as previously mentioned, to recognise our website users. The purpose of this recognition is to make it easier for users to utilise our website. The website user that uses cookies, e.g. does not have to enter access data each time the website is accessed, because this is taken over by the website, and the cookie is thus stored on the user’s computer system. Another example is the cookie of a shopping cart in an online shop. The online store remembers the articles that a customer has placed in the virtual shopping cart via a cookie. 

The data subject may, at any time, prevent the setting of cookies through our website by means of a corresponding setting of the Internet browser used, and may thus permanently deny the setting of cookies. Furthermore, already set cookies may be deleted at any time via an Internet browser or other software programs. This is possible in all popular Internet browsers. If the data subject deactivates the setting of cookies in the Internet browser used, not all functions of our website may be entirely usable.